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Wild Alaskan Spot Prawns

Sweet, delicious, and the largest of the Alaskan Shrimp. These beauties are caught in pots and frozen daily on board the boat. Excellent sauteed with garlic and butter, or lightly steamed and dipped in butter. Shell on, head off. 20-25 per pound on average.

Photo courtesy of Alaskan Seafood

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Our medium Spot Prawns average 30-35 per pound. These smaller sized Spot Prawns are exceptionally sweet and cook very quickly. Packaged in 3/4 pound tub and frozen in salt water.
Photo courtesy of Alaskan Seafood
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Our large Spot Prawns average 20-25 per pound. We freeze these Spot Prawns daily at sea and glaze them in salt water. Medium Spot Prawns generally do not contain eggs. Sold in 1 lb packages.
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These are the largest size Spot Prawns that we catch, averaging 12 per pound. Jumbo Spot Prawns contain roe, which is a delicacy, but will be removed along with the shells should you choose not to indulge. We freeze these Prawns daily at sea. Sold in 1 lb packages.
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