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Alaskan shellfish options are delicious and sustainably managed from the cold waters throughout Alaska. King crab is rich and delicious on its own as well as in recipes and comes steamed and ready to be eaten cold or warmed. Alaskan Spot Prawns are caught in pots in Southeast Alaska and frozen daily on the fishing grounds and are individually glazed in salt water.

Photo courtesy of Alaskan Seafood

Photo courtesy of Alaskan Seafood Photo Courtesy of Alaska Seafood
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Our large Spot Prawns average 20-25 per pound. We freeze these Spot Prawns daily at sea and glaze them in salt water. Medium Spot Prawns generally do not contain eggs. Sold in 1 lb packages. King Crab Section

Crab legs, with the body meat attached at the top. Steam cooked and ready to thaw and eat. Typical sections range from 1.5 and 3 lbs. We also have a limited amount of Red King Crab, which have thicker, more meaty, legs available for $28/lb
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