King Salmon portion ready for the grill!

Our offerings are quickly frozen and vac sealed, as close to their point of origin as we possibly can, resulting in amazing quality. You decide when it is time to prepare your fish, rather than when a store decides to thaw it and place it on ice in a display case with the hope that it is quickly purchased. We specialize in hook and line caught offerings, where by-catch is minimized, and each fish is individually cared for from the time that it comes on board the vessel until it has been portioned out and frozen. Additionally, we only source our fish, including that from our own boat, from licensed, experienced, and legitimate sources so that we can be sure that not only is it top quality, but we can also be assured of the long-term sustainability of the resource.

Local $10 delivery (8lbs seafood minimum) to: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Glendale. Contact us if you live in other cities