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Eat Wild

All of our seafood offerings come from wild and natural stocks, and we whole-heartedly support Alaska‚Äôs commercial fishermen.  You will not find any farmed fish being sold on our website, unlike many grocery store offerings, and we encourage you to carefully choose what you eat and what you feed to your families.  Many farmed fish are raised in pens where large volumes of antibiotics are used to control diseases that flourish in the unnaturally crowded and confined spaces.  Additionally, food additives are used for a multitude of reasons including an attempt to add the reddish hued flesh that wild salmon is so known for.  These fish farming practices affect not only the end product that you put in your body, but also the environment, frequently with devastating impact.  We encourage you to educate yourselves when it comes to choosing to eat wild vs farmed fish, and invite you to visit either of the sites below as a starting point.  When it comes to seafood, the most delicious choices are often the healthiest and most responsible as well, and we believe that there is no comparison to wild caught seafood.


Local $10 delivery (8lbs seafood minimum) to: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Glendale. Contact us if you live in other cities